Pointe Shoes (Studios II)


  • Model: XSTUP/S
  • Manufactured by: Freed of London
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Product Description

Pointe shoes technically manufactured in the Freed of London factory.
Constructed entirely from natural and biodegradable components.
Available with Standard or Hard insoles.
Deep vamp cut to V.
Very strong supportive block.
Strong Wing block.
Wide platform for an elegant line.
Angled on to pointe.
Slightly dipped sides.
Cotton drawstring.
Manufacture process ensures uniformity and consistency.
An internationally popular pointe shoe that is worn by the experienced student through to performance level.
Made in UK
For advice, or to make an appointment to have pointe shoes fitted by our professional and experienced pointe shoe fitter please contact us
Fitting is free when you buy pointe shoes instore at Baillando.
Studio II pointe shoes with standard insole. We stock D, E and EE fittings in sizes 4 - 8
C fitting also available.

Toe Pads for Pointe Shoes
Toe Pads for Pointe Shoes

Fleece toe pads for points shoes from Freed of London

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